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Mithun Das Poem 13

I like to make recipe at home. I like to share recipes with my friends. I am a young Indian writer. I like to write poems and stories.


Poetry at night ...

I am awake at night and immersed in poetry

And love will find the naked body

Come back after many days

You come to touch after a long time

The mind does not have any hesitation today.

Torn jeans, cheap shirts, the alley of College Street

Coffee house strict infusion, all over the body

The smell of smeared cigarettes

Never let myself be forgotten

The eyelids were too heavy to open.

Go to an unfamiliar village and lie down to eat rice

I fell suddenly

See you a while ago

Those words are very sweet

He is baseless

Our love sees us again and again.

Finally the separation ...

Does the love of concrete ever blossom?

In the poet's dream, love revives dead love

No one dreamed of him

I didn't come back and no one looked back

Here I am, how do I survive ...

Went back home last night

I have spread thousands of fireflies.

No one will light candles in this city anymore

A whole night passed in silence

No one keeps track of the prison.

Who enters the house in exchange for money

Happy people come out of the brothel

Wants to forget all the sorrows of the world.

The past is forgotten in the dream of the building by pouring soil on the rubble.

I am awake at night and immersed in poetry

And love to find a naked body

After a long time to come to touch -

The mind does not have any hesitation today.

Under the red-green light of Zebra Crossing

How unfamiliar the city seems to stand

The crazy brain just exploded then.

As if love wants to hide in the body from afar

I gave it back many times.

No more depression, no more salvation.