Poetry Aqeel

Updated on April 15, 2018

"Heart,emotions and solitude. "

The sun has set, no light we see
The dusk has settled over the sea
Cool, calm and still water seems majestic
It's vastness is beyond perception but poetic
Loneliness is devouring and festering the soul
Not in pieces but as a whole
Shore of ocean is full of emotions
Roar of tides breaks the silence and makes commotions
Who can perceive the depth of ocean of solitude
The thoughts of loved one can break and intrude
Flowers never grow on the barren land of isolation
To grow the flowers, one needs land of love and compassion
Heart is deeper than river and larger than ocean
Tears are tides and love is emotion
Empathy and sympathy are feelings of heart
That can fill heart with joy
And can make buoyant the guy
Never you break the heart of human
Be a man of sense and acumen.


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    • Kalas44 profile image

      AQEEL 6 days ago from Sargodha


    • Marilyn Lane profile image

      Marilyn Lane 6 days ago

      Beautiful and well-thought out poem! I highly enjoyed reading it.