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Poetry: Another Day

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Another day

Hello Xanax my old friend

I've come to swallow you again

Beneath the shadow this desk lamp

It seems today has just not gone my way

But it was the same old shit today

That always gets me this way

So there you shall remain

In a drawer for another day

In a day where I was so ignored

Waiting to be taken seriously

At this damned office

Credit stolen from me

Recognition I shall never receive

Seems I just might have to try another day

For the appreciation stolen away

But in the dark of night I see

Another opportunity stolen from me

He waltzes right in

And sweeps her off her feet

So away I shall be

Drinking up all the whiskey

Hoping for another chance

Even just to dance

But somedays its just not enough

So back I sit

Rocking in a corner

Muttering to myself

One day, one day

Things just may go my way

But no

Another sip of whiskey

And another

Tears just fall onto the floor

Wondering what it’s all for

So to my bed I will slink

Feeling I have had just one to many to drink

And as I drift to sleep

I know tomorrow this will keep

A practice that I may not escape

Until the day I am greeted with eternal sleep

© 2017 David

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