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Poetry: A Tribute for Father's Day

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.


Poetry: A Tribute for Father's Day is an article with two poems. I let this day sneak up on me, but I tried to jot down a few notes. Fathers day is a day we are thankful for our dads, but I hope we all find reasons to be grateful on every day throughout the year.

"Your My Hero - Wedding Music Central"


"The Stars Lined Up"

The stars must have lined up perfectly

on the day I was born

to bless me with a father like him.

Whenever someone needs a helping hand

he reaches out

even if he disagrees with their life choices.

When he doesn’t feel up to par

it doesn’t stop him,

he keeps going, not leaving a spare moment.

If life deals him a bad hand

turning his world upside down

he keeps smiling

like he knows what’s behind the next door.

He seems to have a special gift

living life without constant worry,

not letting those little things get him down.

As he goes about his day,

his good moral value shines through

showing us the value of life.


"The Last of His Kind"

His mind is sharp as a tack,

witty and quick to respond

with wisdom pouring through his words,

stubborn as a mule

with his mannerism set in stone.

He’ll lend you a helping hand,

but if you cross him wrong

he’ll tell you where you stand.

He doesn’t put on airs

or pretend he’s better

but he’ll let you know

if your ways are not up to par.

He’ll offer advice

but leave the decision in your capable hands,

reminding you it’s your life to live.

He’s the last of his kind

with his friends now departed,

he pays no attention to dates on the calendar,

but looks forward to each morning

blessing him with one more day.

"George Strait - A Love Without End, Amen"


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