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Poetry: A Mother Who Writes

Brittany is a special needs mother, law enforcement wife, and self-published poet.


Full-Time Mother, Part-Time Writer

More and more stay-at-home moms are converting to writing. It's a great way to express suppressed emotions. You don't need to hire a babysitter to work and earning some extra dough here and there is always a bonus. I am a special needs mother, so I'm constantly changing diapers, cleaning toys and washing clothes because my son needs constant oral sensation for sensory, and work on speech/occupational projects so one day my son will be able to speak and do things on his own. I am a chauffeur for my son to attend school and therapy five days a week and struggle to keep my child asleep in the wee hours of the night. My job is repetitive and tiresome, which is why writing is a superb fit for myself and other mothers for a part-time job. I can be my own boss and set my own hours. Being creative is also therapeutic and lets me enter different worlds besides motherhood. I think a lot of mothers who write feel the same way. Writing gives us the chance to be our own person and remind people we are more than just a mom.

A Mother Who Writes

This section will show a poem about a mother who writes.

Days are short while nights are long

Singing made up silly songs

She is a mother who writes

While the tiny baby cries

She looks for jobs with sleepy eyes

She is a mom who writes

Blogging about the night before

While her kids nap on the floor

She is a mom who writes

Focusing with lots of noise

Hearing screams from little boys

She is a mom who writes

Working late into the night

While her household sleeps in slumber

She is a mother who writes

Living on caffeine through the day

Typing vigorously on a short essay

She is a mom who writes

Gazing at laundry on the floor

Her thoughts constantly at war

She is a mom who writes

To clean or write plagues her mind

She has two jobs she's been assigned

She is a mom who writes

Writing at a slower pace

Being a parent she'll always embrace

She is a mom who writes

Writer: An Acrostic Poem

This section will show an acrostic poem about a writer who is a mom.

Wandering thoughts day and night

Repeating ideas while in the car

Idex cards lay in her purse

Tidying the house is not her number one priority

Earning little from writing much

Relying on motivation and coffee

Moms Who Write Community

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