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Poetic Writeback on Psalm 51

Poetic Writeback on Psalm 51

I've been down and broken,

asking myself where to go then.

I am alone and rejected,

And in everything, unexcited.

I'm directionless and is stuck,

Everything is so sad, and it sucked.

I have nowhere else to go,

And asking where shall I turn to?

I want just want to disappear

with no trace at all 'til forever.

I want to get lost, to went astray,

and that no one can ever find me.

Now, I realized when I want to be gone fully,

It's deep down, just want to found myself wholly.

A broken pieces and shattered,

Sad, down, and felt rejected.

In sadness, I'm battling.

In loneliness, I'm drowning.

In inner myself, I am asking-

In pain, am I really deserving?

I want to cry all day and night,

Thinking I'm solitude with this fight.

But, I'm wrong and it makes me sad.

Please, forgive me, my God.

All the time, my Father is within me,

Lovingly and patiently helping in me.

In my every battles - highs, and lows,

In breakdowns and breakthroughs.

© 2022 Garlie Repal

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