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Poetic Version- Remembering Childhood

Remembering Childhood

rise and shine early in childhood, completing a lesson for tomorrow
with the heavy loads of books, with the bag packed for tomorrow
tackling with the effort for the best outcome for tomorrow
daydream and a sleepless night as a salt mine for tomorrow

coming with blended words in the accepted school by scholar
remembering the way, issueless, taught by the human proofreader
dig little performance as per the assistant and read by the learner
the day started and ended with heights set by the observer

book in the hand and words in the heart of a man
emotions and his thoughts as the perception of a man
linked with bearings and surroundings intent of a man
as on the roof of the jumble of the rubble of a man

remembering childhood as eyes begin to fabricate
the moments along the path going to the heart frame
along with puffed uttering mouth, fondness contrive
the childhood memories remain in the devise

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