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Poetic Version- Aspiring Women in Modern Society

Aspiring women in modern society

waked up from the bed, early in the morning
fruit juice on the dining, ready for the walk-jogging
going to the park, walking on the grass
headphones in the ears, listening to the melody

arrival at the house and packed stuff is ready to be out
dressing up pleasantly, and standing in front of the reflector
smile adorably by seeing her face, begin to dress up, wearing saree
Looks thrilling, modern women look cherished like a star

Ready for the work, standing alongside the main gate of her house
a taxi booked, to reach at the office as her car gone for repairs
after a few minutes, taxi come to the gate, now the journey begins
she reached office sharp nine, work for the day begins

Now break, lunchtime she chews green leafy veggies with tortillas
now reached to her seat and sips black coffee to be refreshed
begins her work till four o'clock till evening and took a little break
to eat an apple, and started her work till evening at 7 o'clock

come at home, changed her clothes, begin to sing her own
enjoyed the day, now let us play, she said to those who were her own
cooked food for all those, with much love for all, ate with them who were her own
the day ended now, sleep time now, she went to her bed, with dreams with them who were her own

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