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Poetic License in Motion

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. Hope his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

A play on words for you

A birthday note for my wife from me and my daughter.

A birthday note for my wife from me and my daughter.

A Play on Words using My Poetic License

There is a strong desire to speak to someone, but most often cow down. There are moments that our thoughts just want to burst out and unleash a tirade of what is making us rot inside, yet we are more than afraid of the possible consequences of our action that we shove the feeling under the rag. We pretend that everything seems to be all right, that we are in control, and that we are just doing fine...but we know better. I have often felt such things and for the most part I just wanted to scream and shout or do something really really stupid. Thankfully, the better part of me would calm my nerves back to my sanity and I soon find myself having deep breaths and regaining my composure...till I learned about poetry writing.

Licensing My Self to do the Right Thing --- Encore!

My discovery of poetry writing began way back in my high school days. I had been an introvert then thus I was often by myself and had to be happy with whatever I could read, watch, or listen to. Those were my growing up years and I have to admit that it was rather difficult to mingle with people because most do not like a taciturn guy next to them especially during group discussions. I found comfort in putting my thoughts into words. I could be whatever and whomever I wanted to. I can be the prince charming of a sleeping beauty or mishmash stories I could think of into any some make-believe story I could make with me being the center of the universe. It was also a great form of release to blow off excess steam and heartaches, but for the most part my scribbled pieces are more of a close scrutiny of personal relationships or a peak into someone's heart and mind.

Poems for You

Here are a few of the poems I have done. Hope you will like them and be able to see through the words learning more about my life, my exploits, and my heart's contents. Enjoy!



Worn out clothes, beat up flip flops,

Topsy- turvy tabletops,

Office work place? None!

Work and home as one!

I dream better dreams.

I feel great each day.

I need not ride, nor dress,

Or drive a dime away.

I like it here; I like it much.

The weather does not bother me:

All huddled in the shack!

The titles mean nothing;

I got them all here.

Small lovely hands wrapped

Around me and cheer!

Pleasant mornings, happy endings,

New beginnings, and storytelling.

When the night come,

I'll tuck her to sleep

And watch her pretty eyes

Slowly peep, bleep, asleep!

[RGSuyom: Feb. 11@5pm/ Angeles City]



Though your imperfections make some not like you,

They are not like you whom I like most.

Though you feel there are more of you lacking,

I feel I lack more for you and they all lack most.

Though I do not have much to offer and others may,

You offer much than I can offer and more than they.

I have loved thee and so have you...

Lern loves us both, so are a few.

Though this day be short, I'd make it long...

For YOU are all Lern and I do long.

[RGSuyom: Feb. 14@3pm/ Angeles City]



Of yonder days, thou may beseech

Of star-crossed lovers from a flick.

Ye knew how the actors enthralled

The lovely audiences' whims and calls.

Perhaps mine sense be tricked

Of who shall be the culprit...

As the story ensues and the lights dimmed,

Tragedy struck and the ending was grim.

"Oh Romeo! My Romeo!

Where art thou?!"

She muttered these and drank the vile.

Romeo awoke,short of a while

Pale, slithered, lifeless, and bile!

[RGSuyom: Feb. 11@5pm/Angeles City]



No issued tags

No fingerprints

No pop titles


Burning heat

Deep forests

Wild insects


No provision

No clear vision

One sure mission


Blend easily


Next-door neighbor

Common labor

Radio beeps once

Sign again sounds

Call from HQ

"Be ready, two..."

Blend in the night

Now out of sight

Killing frost bite

Jump from flybys

We live this life

For son and wife

Peace and honor



[RGSuyom: Nov. 13, 2018/Angeles City]

The Covert Few: We, Soldiers

I always wanted to experience being a secret agent, so this poem sums up what it must be like from a short poetic standpoint. Cheers!

I always wanted to experience being a secret agent, so this poem sums up what it must be like from a short poetic standpoint. Cheers!

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