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Poetic Journey Down Memory Lanes

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. Hope his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

My first journal entries are old poems dating back to September of 1994

The first page of my journal which shows three of the earliest poems I have ever written. Just looking at my hand writing and the old paper makes me remember so many things about the past.

The first page of my journal which shows three of the earliest poems I have ever written. Just looking at my hand writing and the old paper makes me remember so many things about the past.

Poems from Long Ago: My Earliest Ones

The Beginning of My Poetic Exploits

As far as I can remember, my parents are pretty good at writing poems. In high school, I never wanted to show my early attempts, fearing that my parents would brush them off as something too shallow or kiddie. However, things changed when I received a journal from an older friend who also encouraged me to use the journal as my draft pad for anything I wanted to write about. The journal was quite rare and expensive, and I dared not, but I used my old and discarded notebooks as draft pads and then transferred the complete ones to the journal.

The Moment of Truth

What you are about to read is more like time capsules that show my early poems. I was once a teenager then, yet the themes were quite varied already, albeit the depth was still shallow for adult standards. I hope you will like and enjoy them.



A mighty tree

Stood on a hill.

Born to be free

Like we all feel.

The wind caresses

The shade that it gives

The Earth dances

With the fruit, it leaves.

The Earth nurses

Him to sleep.

The air curses

The devil who weeps.

The hands of time

Roll too fast.

With the scent of a dime

This tree was the last!

[RGSuyom: Sept. 11, 1994 @ 12nn/ San Fernando, Pampanga]



In the midst of the night,

A lone swallow flew

With his shivering might

Dripped by the dew.

Blind was the light

For nobody knew

Engulfed by the fright,

That lingers in you.

Deaf was the grass

For the alms that it hears

Death came to pass,

When nobody's near.

[RGSuyom: Sept. 07, 1994@12nn/San Fernando, Pampanga]



Unnoticed was the shadow

Which crawls in the night

All walls seem hollow

For dim were the lights.

The sound of the clock

Makes the night deep.

The deafening knocks

Lull me to sleep.

My dogs shiver with fear.

Not by the night's dew,

But by the unseen one, they hear

Who wants to strike anew?

[RGSuyom: Sept. 17, 1994@1pm/San Fernando, Pampanga]



I knew

Your heart's love

Was really true

Like a flying dove

Swoop down the mighty hill

To bring peace to all mankind

So everyone will then feel

The love's warmth, we eagerly find.

But the light was fainting as I see fear

Appearing within your sad heart

And rain fills your eyes with tears

As turmoil began to start

Now I am all alone

But fear still leaves

One unknown

But peace...

[RGSuyom: Dec. 13, 1994@9:16pm/San Fernando, Pampanga]



You are the one who held my small hands

When the world was too big to take a stand.

Like a thousand waves rushing to the shore,

Your love runs back to me, forevermore.

Life, you said, is a really huge gamble.

Sometimes you win, but more often you stumble.

Sometimes your reasons make me wonder,

But they are the ones why I try to go yonder.

For that, I owe you an apology

For the petty follies, I've done

For you fill my little heart with glee

And make me regret none.

I should say these with a rhyme,

A few strums and a thousand times...

But today, I am well determined to do,

A simple "Nanay, I love you!"

[RGSuyom: May 1994@5pm/Mexico, Pampanga]



Edges can be found nowhere

The circle of life will never be spared

The dome of humanity

Will it lead to a stage called ecstasy?

But the waking time has fulfilled

To wash away what history has sealed

And open the doors of life

In which every one of us should strive.

Now life's sides are equal

Thank Him, for the Almighty's very frugal.

Caused unlikeness to scatter

Lighting the hearts of those who once wandered.

Yet if we let it prevail

Not by just ridin' the bandwagon's sail

We'll see the distant stars near

For we've now abraded our own heart's fears.

[RGSuyom: January 17, 1995@7:30pm/San Fernando, Pampanga]



In your eyes

Seen were drops of joy

No white lies

Your heart does employ.

My heart wails

As the rain poured down

Pain prevailed

When our smile turned to frown.

Look away!

Where you once stand strong.

Walk my way

And you'll know what's wrong.

Now turn back

And look around you.

The path's dark

For your love's untrue!

[RGSuyom: December 27, 1994@9pm/Mexico, Pampanga]