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Poetic Challenge (Part 1)

Brittany is a self-published poet, poetry blogger, and aspiring children's book author who enjoys participating in poetry challenges.



A limerick is a short five-line poem with one stanza. Limericks have an AABBA rhyme scheme and a bouncy rhythm. Lines one, two and five are longer lines while lines three and four are shorter. Syllables typically consist of seven to ten. This type of poetry is meant to be humorous and can also come off as a tad rude. I think it will be fun to have everyone participate in this challenge if they so wish. Let's get started, shall we?

There was a cat on a mat

He was a golden tomcat

Hair soft and long

Purring his song

Unable to move because of his fat

Not the best poem I've come up with on the spot, but it gives you an idea what limerick poetry is. Let's try another.

There was a babe that made Mom proud

His tiny vocals were not loud

His hair was like silk

His skin pale as milk

And his diapers could empty a crowd

I think all parents can relate to this humor. Let's try another.

The golden witch sits by a tree

She made a potion just for me

My skin turns blue

Loosing my view

I disintegrate into debris

What are your thoughts on limerick poems? I personally think they're fun to write when I'm wanting to be silly. Limericks are great to introduce to children.

Lyric Poetry

This type of poetry is one of the three main genres of poetry. This type is quite popular demonstrating sonnets, ballads, odes, and more. Lyric comes from the Latin word lyricus meaning of/for the lyre. These short poems were at one point accompanied by music. The mood is emotional, and the writer will use words to express his/her state of mind and personal feelings.

Examples of lyric poetry by famous poets:

1. Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

2. Go, Lovely Rose by Edmund Waller

3. Italian Sonnet by James Deford

4. I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain by Emily Dickinson

5. If I Could Tell You by W.H. Auden

Next, I will demonstrate my own poems on lyrical poetry.

Going through life without making a peep

Living in slumber and silently weep

The world is not as it used to be

Our freedom of speech is not guaranteed

I cannot bear these emotions I feel

I must retain my drive to keep them concealed

The media rules over all

Laughing as they watch us fall

The hate I see consumes the soul

I fear mankind is digging themselves in a hole

Giving criticism instead of praise

Making the spark in my heart slowly decay

So, I go through life without making a peep

While the world follows leaders that control baby sheep

By: Brittany Benko

I strongly feel that lyrical poetry is a fantastic way to express oneself. Many modern day poets use lyrical poetry today. I love to use lyrical poetry and use this type quite often in my poems. Here is a personal favorite of mine that I have written:

Love today

Love tomorrow

Love your brethren while in sorrow

Feel the love up your sleeve

Tell yourself that as you grieve

Many folks have guarded walls

Protecting their hearts as they crawl

Love is not meant to be feared

Fondness should be adhered

Loving your neighbor as yourself

Should come first before anything else

Living in a fast-paced world makes men selfish and vain

Making mankind turn their heads when someone yells out in pain

Let love and faithfulness never leave you

Let the wisdom from the bible inspire your views

Be completely humble and gentle

Find a hobby that helps you become sentimental

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion for the child she has birthed?

Are human beings loosing humanity because of an early curse?

I tell you, wipe away your tears and forget the past!

Focus on the here and now

Strive to surpass

Love your neighbor

Love yourself

Love the universe like nothing else

If we absorb the energy of love

We'll feel the greatness from high above

By: Brittany Benko


Here is a fun form of poetry! The writer spells out a name, word, or phrase with the first letter of each line of his/her poem. A good example of this type of poetry is Sathya Narayana's "Nuggets." Below, I will attempt to write my own version.

Will you fly me in the air?

In the heavens where all is fair?

Lingering in paradise?

Let me gaze into your hazel eyes

Into the beyond and the unknown

Adjust my heart so I may atone

My addiction to you is like seducing cologne

By: Brittany Benko

This poem is about a human who is in love with an angel. If you read the first letter in each line, they spell out William. I simply chose this name because it is my spouse's name.

Sunsets spring before my eyes

Under the God made glorious sky

Nothing beats this alluring view

Stunning colors painted for you

Everlasting signs of hope

Taking in beauty while having a smoke

By: Brittany Benko

This poem is obviously about a person enjoying the view of a sunset.


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