Myself As Is, Me As I Accept

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Poetic Art Writer, artistic imagineer with vivid ideas imagined. True creative and inspirational yet raw artist ever-growing. Authentic..

Me, Myself As Is, I Accept

Scar perfect, flaw perfect, fruity en fresh beauty,

juice O jug, juicy blend, loop da loop,

lemon strawberry pop flavor,

wine concord grape,

rope velvet, silk red smooth so,

fruit grape favorite, my O grape juice, sweet taste,

punch apple caramel, sweet juice juicy, wel-fare I beware,

attempt real so, oh that temptation right, just taste perfect ouvualah! mouth my en,

divine wine drink, cranberry grape, color favorite,

granny Smith cool, yum ma ma, eye this- green apple white, grape white,

escape too sweet bud taste, en perfect so,

drunk too! Fine too! Ms. Brandywine am I, whine can whine black, white, red wrath thine..


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