Celebrity I Am, I Define

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Poetic Art Writer, artistic imagineer with vivid ideas imagined. True creative and inspirational yet raw artist ever-growing. Authentic..

Celebrity I Am, Define

A common folk man I am not, a celebrity extraordinaire I am.

Know this every critic hater there is, beautiful peculiar I am, so very very different.

Try ever so very hard to put me down, critic haters hate, mock demean me.

Inner happy content, an ever-so-growing pure child's heart of innocence I am, despite them, this or that.

Silence gold as hell blaze en fire.. against hate negativity, my most harsh cut-throat weapon.

Very determined, unbreakable yet adaptable strength set, brutal hard-focused mentality.

Amongst critics, judges, haters alike.. I socially social rebel.

Forever happy great of greatest genius.. every hate, dislike, put down, verbal abuse, mean spirited person makes, has made, has been making and is still making.. a breathing artistic, perfect aukward-tistic forever happy great of greatest art genius...

Greatest greatest Music Entertainer of all time.. Michael Jackson Is !

Greatest greatest Creative/Visual Art Writer of all time.. I Am !

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