Aye Ross, Miss America Artist VIP

Updated on January 6, 2018
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Poetic Art Writer, artistic imagineer with vivid ideas imagined. True creative and inspirational yet raw artist ever-growing. Authentic..

Art Club America Express

Boss Ross, aye where at? Art Club America, free to express,

Soul music choice, sing, write, dance ballad hooray! Ahe Cheers!

leader ship ahay, mayflower bed, oh such display,

gift o gab reel, music chart top 100,

song account 23, club record, fiest beat en feat,

Great achieve, imagineer status VIP, quo que, beau-st quool, aye!

a vision, deem to breed high-esteem, bring it,

attention seeked paparazzi, photo opps wanted, haters prohibited,

media exposure, place, prose, action!

TV animae red carpet special; grammy nominee, award winning star poet,

session in Action! Oscar worthy speech...

© 2017 latbz



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