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Am a spoken word/poem writer on issues affecting humans in the world. This piece talks about art...

If the keys of the musical were all white
And every pen and paper were white
The solfa notes would all be bland
And no notes written by hand
Would have their content come to light

If all architectural angles were right
But all literal angels sequestered in the night
Life would lack an ounce of sequence and rhythm
Like a miscalculated computation of algorithm;
An inaccurate trajectory for a mayday flight

Every Physical and Chemical equation
Without the artistic touch and sensation
Is depressing,like an elliptical prism
Honestly,without a hint of sarcasm;
It's depreciating and needs an angle of elevation

I see no focal point of friction;
When artists paint with diction,
Architects building towers of eloquence
Like gods of genetic sequence;
Conjuring forms from vacuums with their creation

Art comes from the heart,
With simple intricacies;as the muscles of the gut
It's a breath of O²,unlike Flourine that suffocates,
It's healthy and fecund and needs no surrogates!
Away with this experiment that is bound to hurt.

There's no ying without the yang
Any organism has a skin as well as the lung!
Art is silence as well as vocal
Ati Science has sights to dissect the choral!
Why the feud of the "brain" and the "tongue?"

'Thought we were progeny from the same meiosis
Organisms inhaling by the same process
Why the hell do we behave as adolescents
Artisan judges ready to deliver sentense?
Self righteous as the learned Pharisees?

Ephantus Macharia


© 2022 Ephantus Macharia

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