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Poems to Inspire You

Autumn Scene


A Face In The Crowd

A face in the crowd
Many years ago or in our space
On the street or nearest cafe
In our town or just in another place

Someone's daughter someones love
She never found herself in the limelight
Just the girl with that lovely face
Enjoying her bit of sunshine in her allotted space.

Be free to be yourself at all times
Be free to dance and sing
There will always be someone who loves
The songs and joy that you bring,

Facets of a rose


A Rose So Sweet

Little red Rose with petals so sweet
You wooed the hearts of many elite
In stately halls and vendors on the street
To the rich and poor you are still a treat
With fragrances in gardens and groves
In pots and planters you are still the best, little red rose

A Garden Collage


Sing Your Song When You Are Glad

Sing your song when you are glad
Sing your song when you are sad
Bring in the new day with a poem of delight.

Bring your smile to the lonely
Bring your smile not only
To the ones you love.

Bring your heart of gladness
To those who sit in the shadows
Waiting for a smile, waiting for a touch
From a loving heart.

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