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Poems Strange Love

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Single word

Last night I sighed a bit of paranormal oxygen,
forbidden by the entities of good and evil.
I placed myself in the middle of the confrontation of enigmas.
I had to choose only one option: to love or not to love.

I glimpsed the near yesterday,
and a thorn pierced past pain,
Crystal clear waters in meekness
glided across the landscapes
of the oscillating mind.

Coldness ran through the extinguished fire,
coal scattered in the labyrinth.
A single word, clarified the truth,
a single word sealed reality.


And how to know?

And how do I know if I'm in his thoughts?
How to know if a melody made him think of me?
How to measure the feeling
and accurately know the size of your love?
The intensity, the reading of his emotions.

To look with a technological device,
all his movements and his hours, his passions...
To listen clearly to all his reflections....

See the future woman kidnapper of his affection...
To contemplate if she will make him happy…
if they will both make each other happy….


Reincarnations in the air

And she emerged thinking and walking on the clouds,
Immersed in underworlds of magic and illusion.
A woman; witch or fairy was she,
she was unaware of her spells power,
she did not know the flow of sparks
that radiated from her paranormal hands.

The woman brought with her extinct stories,
but live in the floating memories,
of the mind and the universe.

Previous lives emerged every day
and did took over her mind,
manifesting in her body,
as if they were other protagonists.


The origin of each love story

A beach full of sun,
it talked to me about its life.
bathed in sand and burning light,
He didn't know how to begin.
because millions of stories hung from its skin of lime and sea.

He only knew how to say:
the stories are too complex, I would have to dedicate,
thousands of years, to recount at least one minute of each life.
So be content with knowing that each terrestrial experience originated f the illusion.


The two worlds

And hastily wrapped him in his wefts;
a world located between the real and the unreal...

He manifested himself in the literate dimension of a life,
without limits and without crossroads.
Defined in a straight line,
leading to the truth.

She remained divided into the two subrealities.


Love letters from centuries past

In a single year
We talked for a lifetime.
Letters came and went.
Universes of paragraphs and rhetoric.

Distant, pleasant and manly lyrics.
Exotic letters from the other continent.

Perceptions are distorted.
Energies ran out,
the nothing reversed its hallucinogenic effect,
thoughts knotted,
with the rope of the distance,
without faces and without gestures.

The letters continued
their parsimonious march

© 2022 Venus Mary

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