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Boudica - A Poem

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome

The legend of Boudica is an inspiring one. History is often bloody in a fight for resource stability. Lives were often short yet eventful where only the most powerful survived. We have come a long way since but we still have a long way to go. By studying the past, we learn not to make their same mistakes.


The sun in her eyes

The wind in her hair

Green grass underfoot

Crumbling soil under nails

Voice trill like the birds

Laughter sweet like the streams

Hair flowing like water

Shimmering bright in the light

Quiet like the mouse

And Swift as the owls

Deadly like the snake

And Mind Sharp like the fox

Nimble as the clouds

And fierce like the storms

Crowned in wreaths of flowers

With Fire burning in her heart


© 2019 Genevieve Brooks

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