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Poems of the Stone - Nuclear Minute

I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

I have one jump
I get to the opposite building
One jump
On either side
And before I fell half of it
On the number yesterday
I hint the supermarket is open
And customers are waiting outside
He also hinted at the standing trees
In the courtyard of the charity
There was no death
I am still alive
This supermarket knows
And yesterday's issue of the newspaper
I have to fly
To the neighbor's window
But yesterday is still open
As I back down, I may fall
So in the first month
And perhaps behind the epidemic
I will publish this day as a newspaper in front of me
So it becomes easier for me
To precede a sterile world
And also clean
I would have survived
But the jump is still difficult
And I will walk kilometers around
This is definitely a nuclear minute
As if the world starts from it
Like everyone is under the command
And in full obedience
I will find a world
I only need one word
To lie down in front of the highest
They took a poet out of the clinic
And they handed him over to innovate
Madness virus
To turn countries into countries
And to distribute life in tubes
To invent the first jump
To reach the neighbors
In a known number of years
And to find the first name
Set in the heavens
For the virus
Which could be the left wing
For the frightening angel
In Duat's lamentations
It is the jump that lives by the amount of love
And fall before him
While the supermarket
The bride of the place
Taking the right side
It dissipates between bottles
Or evaporates in the cans
Certainly, he does not have a title
Fills the boxes with air
Who does not stop crossing it
About hiding among the bells
And among the lights that seize us
On the doors of the stores
It is just a visit
From which we return
And Jerusalem, which we may carry in our blood
There is no other side
Except trees that take on a fearful mask
Yellows in our faces
Only the secrets that go
In the drugs you keep
Just salute
That he returns
A shot or a virus
Who does not become a god or a ghost
In the nuclear minute
As I had one jump
I get to the opposite building
This is how my life lasts
From vacation to vacation
This is how we expect ammunition for a year
In the elevator pit
The diary is scattered like mosquitoes
As above
On the balconies, and the facade
With full lines
Of stairs, and closets
Full of cats and hats,
And women who raise
Folders to hand it over
To angry parameters

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan

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