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Poems of the Stone - Memories Industry

I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

When we put the world behind the door
No one bid farewell to us
We did not hear a sense
He threw us the shirts that we changed
Along our days
Our skin was baked in it
And in stages
We also changed it
We knew how to patch it
But we neglected him in the cracks
We left it to wash the gods
That repeats it
We left it to the beach crazy
Who completed his tanning
With many names
She suffocated over the water
And difficult deliveries
What yells is certainly not divine
Because what we heard
Wings did not drag
Behind the door
No suffering of life
On low heat
Or just a mass return
For memories
Evade her death
You can not be fired
Myths and films
about her
As this handsome cling to the hall
Or imitators cross
They sit to the dead and handsome
Life goes on the screen
At a time of endemic
The memories leave us
And this past
Who does not pass quietly on the screen
And without inventing a second life for himself
It was ridiculous love
It was an accidental difference
We are now with our dead
In the room itself
We were just passing by
And the cinema could not
To add to us
That morning
It is not ours
It was not forgiveness
Only a word
We are looking for ourselves
In the dictionary
Which is also our cemetery
Is there really
A heart to sacrifice
Or we have already entered
And for the last time
In biological time
We are not handsome in front of the screen
And from there
Do not look at us
Our shirts are on the rocks
Except that our names are in heaven
From there we take into consideration
Thunder falls too
Thunderbolt immediately a word
It is biological time
TV antenna
The imitators come out
It brings out the art that deals
With likeness
Lovers and Simons come out
And appointments
That we spent in prison
And the brothers we lost
The remaining half
From making memories
Or sell it
Beach Crazy!

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan

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