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Poems of the Stone - Early Elegy

I like to read and write in the English language on topics such as society, politics, business, education, sports, and worldly issues.

Invisible fans whisk
In sleep
Which since came with difficulty
He was immediately filled with a heart murmur
Continued under the skin
Up to the head
Who swallows matte shouts
From the whole body
He is alone on the bed
Cracks without movement
And without sound

He toured as a ghost
Times at home
Passing near tables and sofas
Which fondles whenever hours pass
It rises above its size and above itself
As time becomes mighty
It is noon
An event on the ceiling and on the columns
And hour after hour
The passerby dwindles
And become with the retreat of the sun
A shadow joins the shadows
That I left behind with succulents
And swallowed it the sunset

There is that call
Until he comes to bed
Without ending the day's stories
That disappeared before it was done
As she stayed
This pillow is watchful
Waiting for
As an un promised promise
Except for half the anniversary
Self chattering
Wherever it passes
In the heart and in the pores
Restores life
To lingering ghosts
Under the sight and under the tongue
The soul speaks in a dream
Or sleep
The only bare of rumble heart
Perhaps it will continue as an early epitaph
For the body being raised alone
And who fights in his sleep
More insects that don't sleep
More encoded dreams
That dries out immediately
And it leaves its place
The rotation of invisible wings

at this time
Scary visits
she too
Do not leave a mark
The ogres retreat to the balcony
Where it will not stay in the end
Only invisible fans whisk
In the bedroom

The pain will go back
The space will keep thinking around us
This will only be viruses
Where the time shattering takes place
The seconds begin to crawl
In order for everything to stop
When the back occurs
On the ceiling and in the columns
And when the breath is blabbered
In dreams

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan

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