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Poems of Faith From the Beach 12

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


Faith And Life Must Go Together

Some people think faith is reserved for Sunday morning or any time you enter into a building to celebrate God and all He has done for us. Faith however goes hand and hand with life. The Bible tells us we must, “walk by faith not by sight.” This means faith is an integral part of our entire life. Faith helps us get through our worst days and helps us celebrate the good ones. Faith Is at the core of each of these poems. I hope you enjoy them. Until the next time trust God and remain faithful.


We live in a culture

Which loves to count

Our calories

Our pounds

Our money

But one thing

We forget to count

Is the amount

Of blessings God

Passes our way

Each and every day

So count your blessings


The fanciest car

The fanciest boat

The fanciest clothes

Even the fanciest spouse

Can’t replace true love

The fanciest job

The fanciest pay

The fanciest gifts

Even the fanciest house

Can’t replace true joy

Cause the source of life

And true love and joy

Come from only one place

A life rendered to God

A Beautiful Cage

A beautiful cage

Our bodies


Our soul feels trapped

Seeking release

Into a better place

Where joy will abound

And peace

Will occupy our hearts

But our soul must wait

Until the day

It will be set free

Til then we must find rest

In the only place we can



A Crazy Faith

Lord grant me a crazy faith

A crazy




Which is not afraid to speak of

The truth within my heart

Show there is no longer any doubt

About whom I serve

A crazy faith

Which speaks out

Maybe gives a shout

When the times are tough

And the going gets rough

Where true peace is found

Lord grant me a crazy faith

A crazy





The Battle

The battle

The battle

Comes to you

Each and every sun

It will continue

Till your days are done

You must be prepared

To fight your Goliaths

As David prepared

By putting all your faith

In the one

Who chose the stones

In the one

Who guided David’s hand

In the one

Who rolled the stone away

Leading us into those

Glorious days

Glorious days


The only one who is able

Fight and win

The Goliath battles

We find ourselves in

Each and every sun


Somebody Has Too

If not me, if not you

Somebody has to go tell others

They’re looking a bit in need

For all the people are crying out

All been complaining they’re tired and worn

They say they want new words to cling to

So please get up and go, run about

And give the people good news

Somebody has to go

If not me, if not you, then who

Day By Day

Thought the battle was over

When I came to christ

Thought I could sit back

And breeze through life

Took only a few days

To see I was so wrong

The war may be won

But inside the battle

Rages on, Rages on

Day by day

Day by day

I’m fightin’ battles

Until glory

Battles will not stop

Cause the devil wants

To take me down

Whether I like it or not

The world is alluring

If I let it call out my name

It can draw you away

But christ stood up

To the world

With his power

So can you today

Day by day

Day by day

Were fightin’ battles

Until glory

Battles that will not stop

Cause the devil wants

To take us down

Like it or not


Why believe in something

You cannot see

You cannot hear

You cannot touch

It all a matter of faith

Faith helps you see

God is truly there

Faith helps you hear

God’s whisper in the air

Faith helps you to touch

God’s invisible right hand

Faith helps you to understand


© 2021 Timothy Whitt