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Poems for the Wandering Souls



All I need is to hear a familiar sound.

Something that insipre me.

All I need is nature, to show me the way.

To tell me where to continue.

To tell me all the secrets, I need to know.

To give me a hug, I never forget,

and I just need to listen.

But nature is so stubborn,

it keeps you waiting,

and your clock is going forward fast,

and it has stoped raining.

Now you just walk through the water,

there is no other way.

You carry this gift box with you

full of gifts, you like and dislike,

but you can't pass it away to no one,

it always finds it's way back to you.

All you can do is exepting it, and make it useful.

After all, everything is changing, so nothing is permanent.


Wind, take me with you

Just want to go and see

Be unapologetically me

Want a start that has no end

Where my reality bends

Don't want to be in a rush

Couse you don't want to crush

Want to travel in time

Want to hear the chimes

Want the wind to play

and maybe to stay



Do you miss the time

when you were little playing outside?

When you weren't awear of time passing by?

When you thought grown ups have all the supplies,

all to solve the mistery of life.

You were confused but curious ,

Now you are the same but more serious.

You can find that kid again.

Of course you can.

Where jing, there is jang

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