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Poems for My Dear Parents

Dang is an avionics maintenance specialist by profession, a woman of strength and passion.


One of the creative ways of sharing my thoughts is through writing. The most hardest pieces I have written were about myself. The perfect time to write them is when I feel sad and emotional. Losing important people in our lives is one of the toughest experiences that nobody is exempted from. I lose my parents at a quite young age, that I was given no choice but to become strong and face the realities of a fully grown-up and matured person.

We cannot avoid the times when we miss the persons we no longer have especially when they have played great parts in our lives. During these times, we just want to tell them how much we do miss them and how much we love them. This led me into writing these two poems, for my dearest mother and father.

To My Mom


I miss every detail with you,

The love and the care that you do.

I want to say I love you too,

But life is short that I can no longer do.

The person I used to want when I’m tired.

Made me feel I’m always desired.

To the woman I always admired,

Where my beauty and strength were inspired.

I want to be strong as you are,

Battling life without triggering a war.

Dealing with issues like a star,

Letting them stare you from afar.

I’m missing home and its essence,

Where I feel your genuine presence.

I really do feel the difference,

Living a life with your absence.

I am grateful as a daughter,

That I had an incredible loving mother.

Your greatness which I always remember,

Your memories will be treasured forever.


The second poem was written for my dad, who passed away two years after my mom. It was so painful that no word is enough to explain how I feel about my loss. I write and write just to ease the pain I felt. Having the courage to release my emotions through writing is an effective relief for me.

To the First Man Who Loves Me


Treated like I am more precious than gold,

By someone who’s noble and bold.

He was little strict but passionate to mold,

A stubborn child that often get scold.

The only man who loves me for real,

And never gave up in making this feel.

Incomparable love is being instill,

Giving me promises he always fulfill.

I was nurtured and raised by a great mentor,

And grew up in a home full of love and honor.

A man who knows how to appreciate more,

Is someone I had whom I definitely adore.

Admiring him for the love that he gave,

Unconditional and is something I will always crave.

I will be strong as I promised to his grave,

Be a warrior just how he taught me to be brave.

Writing this poem was the grateful daughter,

Lucky enough to have a wonderful father.

My love for him will never wither,

Remains in my heart now and forever.


© 2021 Dang Zuniga

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