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Poems for Inner Thoughts


I leave my body

And see the world

Of the astral plane

Creating what I wish to be

Only to realize

It's just for some time

And that planning to go back,

Seems harder than I thought

And tried to touch my body

Only to be rejected by my own

Until I feel my other self

As I'm being sucked by the whirlpool

Waking up, feeling cold

Hugging myself with tears in my eyes

And pain so high

That is unknown to my heart.


This poem is about how I see people with insecurities. Though i don't feel any insecurities I tried to look at the perspective of a people with insecurities hoping to find a meaningful one. Sometimes I see how some people hate themselves for being born like this, like that, or sometimes blaming their parents for being something they don't want to be. Some people are just so sensitive to some criticism that they always want to change about something in their life but can't do so. I'm a thin man and suffer from bullying because of my body during my elementary days until now. But i don't feel insecure because I feel that if I change for others it would not be me. Just being you is enough and you can know who are the people you must be with for accepting who you are not what they want you to be. I always put in my mind a quote I have seen on the internet saying "Do not get upset with people or situation. Both are powerless without your own reaction." And this quote helps a lot so always take it to your heart or just save it on some part of your mind and dont forget to smile.

I'm as Well a Dweller

Hate, not for it's in the past

Love, not for its the present

Hope, not for the shattered dreams of tomorrow

Dream not on the dwellers of yesterday

But I'm a dweller as well

Wishing I can turn back time

To change the woven past

And make its stitches right

But fret not, for past

Are just embers of the heart

But I'm the dweller of my heart

A dweller trapped in the illusion of time.

© 2020 DawnToDusk