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Poems and Proses by Briavry (PART 2)

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Creation, that was her creation that you find a mess.

Why do you see it like that while she puts her best?

Is all that matters the beauty you can only see?

Why not look at it deeply to see its true beauty?


Let's have a deal.

Let's love and kill.

Let's find love to learn to feel alive and so real.

Then when it goes wrong, leaves us, fails us, let's kill the skill.


It is the feeling that I never wanted to share.

Don't ask because you can't know and be aware.

It is something that I do not want to tell.

It's because I don't want anybody else to hurt like hell.


He looked you in the eye.

Even he was telling a lie.

You still saw the truth that lies.

The truth which he wants you to die.


She was always there, but you only give her attention when she shines and sparkles like a star. You only notice her when she is pleasant, beautiful, and gaining advantages, when she can impress you and when she's being loud. She wished that you are not blind to see her by her flaws, too.


Poor her. She only gets respect when she has the upper hand.

She did not get that when she wasn't in demand and on the trend.

It was indeed an imperfect world, yet she expected that tall.

It's hard for her to realize. She's that pure and vulnerable.


You wouldn't realize what you were doing was easy, not until you do something hellish than that.


When I look into those eyes, I can see deep down you.

It's like a window to your depth that shows what's killing you.

I can see you crying even when there are no tears in your eyes.

I can also see you dying despite trying so much to stay alive.


Pain is a sentence without a period.

It's like poetry without period or end.

It's like an eternity. It doesn't end.


Your scratches and wounds that took in vain.

You can never imagine how painful it is until you become insane.

You love, and you lose to cause and start a rain.

But you fight and keep standing back up the way you taught yourself and trained.


I want to view what's true.

You picked me up and threw.

It's okay to let me see your true hue.

So, I can stay away and leave you.


She'll send you a tear.

Please don't fear.

She loves you, dear.

She's just at your rear.


You are exquisite.

You ought to believe it.

No one can judge you.

You know you know you.

© 2021 Briavry