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Poems and Proses by Briavry (PART 1)

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I will keep updating this content. Creations of poems and proses for me never stop. ~briavry


When you experience to get hurt by the same reason,

by the same person,

the pain is becoming a scar in your memory that doesn't fade away.

When the pain is repeating, it's like becoming a reminder.

To not get hurt again.

Created on November 16, 2021


It's becoming a game for someone to hurt the same person,

again and again,

completely knowing that the person they hurt loves them so much.

Taking advantage of the fact.

It's becoming a habit, an addiction

because they thought the person who loves them tolerates them.

The idea that they might ruin someone is not bothering them.

But as they do, as they keep ruining someone's heart, they are making it strong as well. So that the time to stop them from letting that person's heart hurt again would come.

Created on November 16, 2021


Maybe this is the reason why we live.

To suffer.

Because we're meant to cry, we're meant to get hurt, we're meant to be bruised.

And we're hoping and aiming to find our true happiness to get out of all the hardships and pain, to somehow replace all of that with positivity.

But as I see it, no matter which way you are going through, there will still be a challenge you are about to face and are supposed to surpass because we are meant to be tested.

And dying is the last thing we'll face after everything is done.

To have a rest.

Created on November 14, 2021


Why do you love if you want something in return?

But not receiving the same amount of love or non in return will be a major breakdown of a person's heart.


You are going down.

But then, no one tries to save you.

They just stared as you fall.

No one wants to go down for you.

They would do what is easy for them.

To start a new.

To start without you.

It's easy for them to live without you.

It's easy for them to leave you.

Like nothing ever happened.

Like you were never there.

Like there was no you.

Like they did not know you.

Created on November 24, 2021

They always feel like competing with each other.

They always wanted to get higher.

I can trust them because I'm not.

But I can't trust them because they do.

Created on November 25, 2021

© 2021 Briavry

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