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Poems and Proses By Briavry (PART 4)

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When you learn to learn things in a better way,

You are getting sturdy.


Go ahead, let your eyes close, and let your mind be at peace, be at ease because I am here for you.

I am always here as your pillow whenever you need to.

You are there to listen and you are there to understand.

You never talk or say anything that I don't demand.


You used to live in hell.

You live in heaven now.

You chose to be well.

You chose what you are now.

I know how bad it feels when someone says you are not good enough.

It's okay. The feeling will pass along the time.

What's important is you are doing your best to be and get better.


There is something in shadows that you never know.

It gives you loneliness but is also teaching you to grow.

It could be the root of your wisdom as you learn from its show.

You'll learn to be stronger and better than you'll ever know.

You have to go the wrong way, to the bad places, for you to reach the right path.

Bad things are ways or tools to make you see what's right is right.


Sometimes, you have to let yourself hurt again for you to remember what you've gone through.


Drowning in tears, drowning in fear,

Which one you feel, it is real,

You can not remove, you can not steal,

Once you have the deal, you will have to heal.


She's a lover. She's lovely.

You picked her up, but you let her fall already.

She's quiet. She's loud.

She's one and only, and there's no doubt.

© 2021 Briavry