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Great Childhood Poems


Our childhood is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives. It allows us to examine our past as we become adults. Children learn to appreciate life and are able to cognitively grow wiser as they age. It is the most innocent and playful years of our early development we have to enjoy.

The poems I have written below are dedicated to my childhood memories.


Red, blue circles of fun

wrapped up in childhood memories.

Times of happiness playing

outside in the sun

Summer's heat and cool days at

the beach

Dear Childhood

Dear childhood thanks for the

back yard birthday parties

and the great taste of fresh

lemonade my grandma use to make

Her signature drink

of choice

Dear childhood I cherish the lessons

learnt from growing from my

pouty moments.

I remember so vividly.

Dear Childhood you bring me

lasting thoughts

I can now relish forever

Play Time

The grass soft and wet

The sky beautiful and breath


Jump rope my favorite game

of choice

Double dutch to be exact,

playing with the neighborhood

kids even a game of tag

The water gun fights

and celebrations on hot

New Years nights

Fireworks exploding like cannons

in military rotation

Playtime my favorite choice

of action

Who can forget


A four year old

stumps her feet

while looking up at


A familiar face

her eyes glowing

with glee


Her little mind

drifting in and out of


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