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Poems: The Welcome Summer Rain and Caught in a Storm-Response to Brenda’s Word Prompt-Raindrops

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The First summer Rain

The First summer Rain

Brenda's Word Prompt this week-'Raindrops'

This week’s word prompt Raindrops brought several images to my mind. The images of a rejuvenated nature, the beautiful greenery, the cleansed atmosphere, the fragrance of the earth during the first summer rain. I could picture children playing in the puddles, lovers dancing in the rain. The first shower after a hot summer brings great joy to young and old alike.

The welcome respite from the heat, the freshness in the air, all feels like God is showering his blessings on us from above. But at the same time when the rain turns to storm, it becomes a problem. At such a time we feel like lying under covers all day and wait till the storm passes and the sun comes out again.

Blessed with the First Showers of Summer

While I was considering what to write for this week's word prompt given by Brenda, it was as if divinity helped me to decide. We were blessed with the first shower after days of summer heat and it was such a wonderful feeling. The sound of the raindrops was like music. I was so tempted to go out and soak in the rain, breathe in the fresh, chilly air and feel the beautiful scent of nature. It is such a relaxing and soothing experience to get drenched in the first summer shower.

Raindrops on the Window pane

Raindrops on the Window pane

First Poem-The Welcome Summer Rain

The sound of Raindrops

Falling on the window pane

Is like music so divine

Soothing and welcome

Is the first summer rain.

As the raindrops fall

And turn into a stream

They cleanse the earth

Of dust and Heat,

They wash away our worries

And freshen the mind.

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on Roses

Forests revive, flowers bloom

Earth heaves a relieved sigh.

Peals of laughter ring the air

As children play in the puddles

Some sailing paper boats

Others dancing in the summer rain

Some prefer to spend

The rainy-day cozy at home

With a hot cup of tea

And a good book to read

But some enjoy the rain

Soaking in the raindrops

And rejoice and walk in the rain

When raindrops fall on the face

They feel rejuvenated and alive

Rain Quote

Rain Quote

Life is all about dancing in the rain and creating your own rainbow

— Therasa Primus

Let the rain wash away the pain

Who can see your tears

When they mingle with the rain.

The pearly drops bring

Hope of a new beginning

Teaches us to move fluidly

And ride the wave of life

With love and gratitude.

Second Poem-Caught in the Rain Storm

The second poem is about my experience when I was caught in a rainstorm unexpectedly, one day. As I witnessed the fury of the rain, I was at once humbled and awe struck at the magnificence and power of nature. On the one hand rain is necessary and can be benevolent. But when it is in abundance it can cause devastation and destruction. We see the havoc caused by excess rain in our country every year when a lot of lives and livelihood are lost, especially of the people who live close to the coast.

Second Poem-Caught in a Storm

It was a normal day

Though slightly cloudy

And on my way home

I got caught in a rainstorm.

Suddenly the clouds turned dark

The wind howled; thunder rolled

Heaven seemed to be in a fury

As tree branches swayed, wide eyed

And Terrified I ran for shelter.



I waited and prayed

for the rain to abate

Longing to be under

the cozy sheets back home.

I was humbled and awestruck

At the display of power

And nature’s imposing game.

If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain


As the flood of rain subdued

And I was on my way

I saw a beautiful rainbow

Color the misty sky

Butterflies started to flutter

And birds began to fly.

It filled me with wonder

The memory will be with me forever

of our insignificance and the power of nature.

As the storm passed, the sun rose

With the promise of a beautiful sunny day.

It gave me hope of joy, of peace and love

And of rainbows after the storm.


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