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Poems & Poetry

I am a poet at heart. I have been writing poetry since I was seven years old. It has given me a voice since I grew up a natural introvert.

The poems below are on various subjects from slavery to my grandfather's death. I dedicated the poem January to him. He will always live in my heart. I hope you enjoy these poems. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Slave child

She step into the open

The woods behind her

Her shadow followed

The dark night sky

With the wind at her


She kept moving

Through the knee deep muscadine

She picked some on her journey

Twenty miles away from torture

She reached a safe house among the


Tear drops

The pain seem palpable

As the clock ticked midnight

He moved around his bed

Unable to sleep

Nightmares stain his


A web of lies cover

his journal of despair

He is not happy here


The cold silent air against

Her face

The pale grey sky above

Her shoulders

January no dice

Has been rolled

No games played

She is confounded

Her shyness returns

As the cannons are stacked in

The distance

Her voice is a whisper

The flag paint the

casket a familiar face

Now lies in.

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