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Poems, Poems and More Poems


These poems is about my love for poetry. I wrote it about a week ago. Here is some of my best poems.

War Veteran

I am a war veteran

warring against failure

My battle gear is a wealth

of talent

I eat good like the Chinese

and have graduated

with very few peers

My teachers were

Maya Angelou, Emily Dickerson,

Rita Dove, Sylvia Plath

and Nikki Giovanni through

the years

Writers Almanac

The books have tallied like

Lottery tickets

while the library felt like

an old museum my grandmother

once frequent

It was as though, I lived in this place

Inspiration became my food

It quelled my hunger

at times

Now, I sit and reminisce

as I study the clock

Autumn Leaves

Autumn trees have lost its


The flowers are limp and


Virgos and their birthdays

lie under moonlit skies

In a field full of rain,

I write of fall


The sweet taste of the years

my mind has traveled

like Mexico's most delightful drink

I am the cinnamon and vanilla

The rice and milk mix with savory flavor

My words a vehicle to the highway

of provoking thought


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