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Poems in the Rain

Verlie Burroughs is a west coast writer from Vancouver Island.

Rain over Brooks Peninsula         acrylic on paper

Rain over Brooks Peninsula acrylic on paper


Stars and falling stars darkness then lightning
all in a night silently inviting digging deep left
feeling buried, past is looming.
Pen gives it resonance reliving a life sentence
that has no reason to haunt me except to taunt me.
Roused no rebuttal can't go back, why keep track
wanting clarity, why the memory if it's wasted.
Took a stance no advance, I retreated, dropped the
thread. Now it's all recast in my head.
Played hard, the game was rough then one day
realized I had enough, every time I thought I was
gaining turned out to be another link in the chain.

Mourning Crow

High up in a tree
a lone crow is calling, calling.
He's not going anywhere
watching, waiting
between calls.
He's clearly hungry
breaking foliage with his
worried beak (the aromatic scent of cedar drifts down to me
on the ground, watching, waiting).
The crow resumes his plaintive call,
all we hear is an echo.


Florence 2018

Oh, Florence
on your way
bringing waves
every eye on your eye
from space and sky
tracking your path
your surge
your wind
your rain
your wrath
Oh, Florence


May all those in the path of Hurricane Florence find shelter and safety.

© 2018 Verlie Burroughs

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