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Poems-My Tryst With the Stars and She Is the Star in My Life-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt Week 28-‘Star’

I love poetry. I am a lifestyle enthusiast and like to write articles and poems on lifestyle changes that benefit people.

Stargazing has huge benefits

Stargazing has huge benefits

Word Prompts Help Creativity Week 28~'Stars'

Brenda, our dear friend and Poet has published many wonderful poems on HubPages and other writing platforms. She encourages us writers on Hubpages by giving weekly word prompts, encouraging us to write something creative. It can be a poem, a short story, a song, or anything that our imagination comes up with. The idea is to exercise our creative muscle and at the same time to enjoy the activity. This has encouraged many writers to come up with creative responses which are not only interesting but educative to new writers. We applaud this effort by our dear friend Brenda and make every effort to create unique and interesting responses.

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I'll bet they'd live a lot differently.

— Bill Watterson

Stargazing Has Great Benefits

Studies suggest that people who stargaze feel more connected to nature and can experience positive emotions. Just going into our gardens or terrace and looking at the stars and spending some time in contemplation can provide immense health benefits to us. Apart from being a great stress reliever, it is a form of escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The best thing about gazing at the stars is it does not require any equipment and does not cost a thing. It can be done by anyone in the vicinity of their homes.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

— Marilyn Monroe

My Response to Word Prompt Week 28-'Stars'

I have created two poems in response to Brenda’s word prompt this week. The first poem is about my tryst with the stars, one night and the joy this connection with the stars brought me that night. The second is about my granddaughter who is the star in my life and means the world to me. Hope Brenda and my Hubber friends like it.

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars

— Henry Van Dyke

Poem-My Tryst With the Stars

On a clear dark night

As sleep eluded my eyes

I climbed up the rooftop

And lay looking at the stars.

The twinkling of the stars

Brought me great delight

They Lighted up the sky

With a wondrous light.

The stars shining bright

filled me with wonder

And took me yonder

To a land of my dreams.

Where everything was perfect

Where there was peace and joy

Where all lived in harmony

Where the mind was calm

And where I could just be me

The sun yet to rise on the horizon

With a promise of a beautiful sunrise

And the light of dawn of new hope

My tryst with the stars lasted through the night.

This night spent gazing at the stars

Was an unforgettable night

Of starry sights and beautiful dreams

Yet unfulfilled, the light not yet faded

Of spirits soaring high

and my soul singing in joy.

Poem-She is the Star in my Life

She is the star in my Life

She has a pure heart, a pure soul

With her around its all rock-n-roll

Her talk music to the ear

Her song we love to hear

She is ever so gracious

Yet she is so vivacious

Greatest Gift of all

Greatest Gift of all

She is our princess our angel

And for us she is a miracle

Her smile lights up our day

And chases our sorrows away

She is her mama’s precious

And per papa’s whole universe

We adore her smile

We cherish her talk

And admire her kind heart

She is the greatest gift of all

She shines like a star

In the sky of my life.


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