Love Poems Honoring Long Distance Relationships in the Spirit of Valentine's Day

Updated on April 7, 2018
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Marisse is a Writer/Poet, also has experience in Online Marketing. Formerly an expatriate in UAE as an OFW, now a stay-at-home mom.

Valentine's Day is just a few days away. Couples are probably already planning their dates for that special day, or maybe even have already planned it. Sadly though, there are some long distance couples who won't be able to be with each other on that day.

Technology can make long distance relationships a little less lonely.
Technology can make long distance relationships a little less lonely. | Source

On the bright side, at least technology will allow them to spend some time with each other through the means of video calling and chatting online. But good for those who are able to book their travel to see their special someone in time for Valentine's Day.

Guy feeling the love, as he keeps in touch with his lover.
Guy feeling the love, as he keeps in touch with his lover. | Source
Your long distance love is just a video call away.
Your long distance love is just a video call away. | Source
Lucky are those who are able to see their LDR lovers on Valentine's Day.
Lucky are those who are able to see their LDR lovers on Valentine's Day. | Source

Anyway, booked or not, this article is for those in a long distance relationship. In honor of those in long distance relationships, here a collection of poems on long distance relationships that I've written.



You may be in a different part of the world—

thousands of miles away.

But in my heart is a special place that you hold

where you will always stay.

Our times may not be moving in sync together—

a few hours difference.

But all the time, it’s you i think of and long for;

my love has no hindrance.

At times my heart would ache and feel so incomplete,

that it would scream for you.

The only remedy is when our hearts could meet—

in whatever means to.


Even if You are Far Away

You are my moon.

After a tiresome day,

I lie in my bed,

and admire you from afar,

while you shine your light amidst the darkness.

I feel calm,

I feel relieved,

I feel relaxed—

as you tuck me in with your blanket of love,

and kiss me good night;

I get a good night’s sleep.

You are my sun.

I wake up to your bright light,

that doesn’t seem to fade,

and gets even brighter,

even after all the darkness.

And as usual you greet me with a good morning kiss.

I feel the warmth of your love,

which gets me through the day,

when I’m missing you.

In the night and in the day,

You are in my mind.


Loving from Afar

I said, in my heart you will always stay,

but monsters interfere while you’re away.

They turned my head into their own playground—

toying with my mind, enjoying my pain,

distorting our love, driving me insane;

in my own negative thoughts I got drowned.

But you brought me back up to the surface,

before it may cause more damage to us,

and led the monsters in my head astray.

Loving from afar could just be so hard,

but you showed, that my heart, you can safeguard.

For that, in my heart you will truly stay.



I blankly stare away long boring hours these lonely days,

when all I wish that I could stare at all day is your face.

And toss and turn, entangled in a blanket these cold nights,

when all I wish to be tangled in are your hugs, so tight.

These times you’re not here with me is torture my heart endures;

everything about you, I miss and always remember.

The smell of your scent, like strong lasting perfume still lingers.

The sound of your voice keeps echoing over and over.

The feel of your touch is left lurking over my body.

The feel of your skin stuck on mine, like its territory.

Your taste, my body can’t get over, and for more, it craves.

To finally get to be with you once more, I can’t wait.



Absence is chilling,

so they say; my heart proves wrong,

for it is burning—

so strong, it can’t be put out

and greater than the distance.


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