Poems About the Narcissists Pt 1

Updated on November 7, 2018
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.

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Understanding Narcissists

You know

I've had people tell me things that are
actually their own characteristics
For instance in my past on a job an insecure woman
looked at me and said leave me alone ! !
and run and tell people i did something to her
Then when you point out what happened
then they would say your just playing the victim

This has happened to me in other areas of my life
The thing is you think people are real
but some people are actully animals
and they come in all colors
The one animal that runs around baring false
witnesss is just really warning the others that
they have found food (narcissistic supply)

People that act on unconscious drives

do not have a mind at all

In waking life they are pulling strings to feed their unconscious sadistic perversion
Don't waste your time telling flying monkeys that
the person is lying because they are in on it to
They put labels on you to make excuses for their behaviors
they are acting out towards you because they secretly want to feed off of you
Their zombie venom can be very lethal and make you question reality
and fill you with hate
You feel guilty because there is no forgiveness in your heart
No, i do not have to play the victim
No, am not not interested in your lies
No, I did not do that to that person
No, I do not want to be apart of your rumors
No, I do not want to be apart of your lies

It does not faze me one bit because I've

come a long way in my life
I realized that you cause distractions to stop any progress that I may have going on in my life
I realize if I complain, then that is more narcisistic supply for you
I realize you want me to sit sweat and quiet because no one will ever believe me
and that to is even more narcisistic supplly for you
I notice that the other people you have gotten to look at me
as if they have heard some rumor about me
they look at me as if I am their enemy

I see my character has been assassinated
I confront the issue

and as I confront the issue the person say's don't talk to me

because I heard you do nothing but keep up chaos
Thats more narcisistic supply for you
You insinuate things about a person when
having a conversation so that the person
has not a clue about your manipulation filling in the blanks

so you have to keep up appearances and status
so you tell more lies to make yourself look good
You know what you are doing is a scam
You are a thief
You have turned everyone against me
while you live your delusional life of granduer
But who could see it but me and you
you have formed the perfect plan
These are things fake people do when
they cannot find real success
People see you as innocent
Trust worthy
but you know what

seeing the ways that you attained that status
it looks real good on you
You can have it

two things that people with NPD do not understand is integrity and dignity

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