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8 Heartbreaking Poems About Breakups

Lissa enjoys writing poetry to express herself, and loves learning about new styles and experimenting with different patterns.


Breakups are a difficult part of the human experience. It feels like everything is up in the air, and things can go in any direction. You can get back together, you can move on, you regret it, or you don't. Your feelings are all over the place: sadness over your loss, anger that they didn't fight for the relationship longer, fear for the future, longing for what you had, and eventually, hopefully, acceptance. Sometimes you feel all of these things at once and it's overwhelming. These poems capture the wild, shifting emotions you may experience during a breakup.

Breaking up is hard to do.

— Neil Sedaka


I'll never hold those hands again

I'll never see those eyes again

I'll never hear your voice again

You'll never hurt my heart again

I'll never see those eyes again

Staring at another girl

You'll never hurt my heart again

I'll never leave my soul unfurled

Staring at another girl

I wish I were more like her

I'll never leave my soul unfurled

Not even a sound, not even a stir

I wish I were more like her

Pretty and bright and enough for you

Not even a sound, not even a stir

I fade away, forever out of view


Bitter Winter's Night

Shall I compare thee to a bitter winter’s night?

For you have thrust me out into the cold

Shrinking, compressing into a grieving huddle

Waiting for the wolves to come

I break off a twig, small and stillborn in my hands

Trying and failing to mimic her warmth

My silent scream is reflected by ice

My footprints permeated by snow

Her flame is magnetic to you

Smoke and mirrors lull you into a trance

The heat she generates is brand new lava

While my crust has subsided and cooled

She can burn for you instead

I will find a better match


Dead End

It’s foggy

Where are we going?

Driven to

Dead end streets

Separated by traffic

Surrounded by lies



Remember who we were before your love faded to black?
How I'd draw constellations with the freckles on your back?
You made me shine like starlight before you ground me into dust
I was nothing more than an object of your lust

I still remember every inch of your skin
Sometimes the visions will dare to do me in
I loved you for everything that you are
Now you're just a nightmare that gave me a scar

Can anyone love me with all the things that I lack?
My lack of grace, the innocence that I'll never get back?
Is there anyone in my life that I can trust?
All I can do is keep going, I must

There's more to me then skin and sins and remnants of scars
Someone will see the light within me and I'll be their star


I am an Astronaut

I am an astronaut, please come find me

I’m looking for a star to guide me

A sun to warm my frozen heart

I just need a little light to start

I am an astronaut, how far I roam

I’m looking for someplace like home

A transient drifting from planet to planet

Every time I thought I’d entered I was banished

I am an astronaut on the edge of a knife

I’m looking through this universe for any sign of life

Floating through this void so empty and stark

I’m out of my depth when I wander through the dark

I am an astronaut and I’m losing this race

To search for love is to be lost in space


You Felt Like Home

I have a dream, a dream of my own

Someday I’m going to own a nice home

A place where I can experience peace

A hidden place where all my troubles will cease

A place where I can spend days with my friends

I want this dream to never end

Recently me and you came to an end

I’d wanted you all for my own

I’m so tired of this fighting between friends

When once talking to all of you felt like home

Lay down your weapons, this war must cease

The only thing I dream of now is peace

The morning is quiet and radiates peace

I lie here and dream about the end

Of the painful, haunting way we ceased

To be anything, and now I’m on my own

Wishing my regrets could have a home

Wishing they were acknowledged by my friends

All I dreamed about was having friends

And between those friends, there’d be peace

Together, we would feel at home

Our bond would never have to end

If I went back to you, I’d be going on my own

And all of those friendships I treasured would cease

I suppose that these feelings will have to cease

Give up the dream of us all being friends

I’ve got to let you grow on your own

If I ever want you to know peace

But in the back of my mind I hope this isn’t the end

Because in my heart I think everyone deserves a home

When I first talked to you it felt like home

A place where all of my troubles could cease

I know your anger and rage needs to end

Before I can even consider you a friend

I dream of a world in which we can find peace

Even if we both have to find it on our own

Someday I dream I will own my own home

Where love will never end and everyone can be my friend

Where war will cease and we will only know peace



In the mailbox lies a crisp white thing

After months, you have sent me a letter

Whitewashing all of my spilled black ink

You now treat me like I'm your debtor

Like I owe you a conversation about anything

What, you want to talk about the weather?

Do you not realize how your words sting?

When you left me, you left me in tatters

Remember how I'm not worth anything?

You act like everything is all better

Like I can't tell how false your words ring

You act like you know better

What is the purpose of this thing?

Didn't our relationship even matter?

While we've been apart, I've come to know better

I discard you and cut the string


I am a Tree

Once I was a tree,

And you were my lumberjack.

Every day you’d cut me down,

And every night I’d crawl right back.

We grew twisted together.

We unraveled apart.

We don’t belong together

If your words cut through my heart.

You were my downfall, you drove me insane.

I thought you were all that I had to my name.

But in truth I was the canopy

That kept you safe from the rain.

You’re not all evil and you’re not all good,

But I am worth more than these splinters of wood.

You were my love, my very best friend.

If you can’t respect me, then all that must end.

Every word that you say tries to make me feel small.

But I am a tree and I must stand tall.

I am a tree that needs freedom to grow.

I am a tree. I can stand on my own.


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