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Poems: My Collection



I step into my stature

as delicate as a lamb

My womanhood defined

by grace

I own my own stage


With character I speak

with clever wit

I am she

a revolutionary figure.

My posture never changes

My shoulder a pillar of my strength

Yes my womanhood

is where I find my peace,

solace and voice.

Daughters of the Nile

Royal daughters of the Nile

Show your beauty to the world

Teach your wisdom to kingdoms

yet discovered

Dance like gypsies in profound


Daughters of the Nile let your

Light shine as symbols

of your greatness


How they play in innocence

and laugh in shades

Of rainbow filled skies


A myriad of images

Painted and defined

Like old holy lands


A life within itself

Like oceans

It is filled with creation