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Poems About Generation Z


The poems

To begin with, I just want to say, that the poems here may contain rhymes and some do not, as they taught you in Spanish or in some excruciating writing subject or something like that, I hope it works for something, if you want to send it to someone or you like read poems or you have some homework and they say write a poem, well, it's not the best, but I hope you like them.

If you share them, if you could share the page for me it would be a great support :)

(This is the English translation, so it may not be the same as the Spanish one.)

Sometimes feelings are usually lived by a melody written in handwriting, in some cases in Word and lyrics ... Nidia Almendra


The thought wanders

The thought wanders

How many times must I lose?

The thought wanders

How many times must I fight?

The thought wanders.


Why am I still here?

Why do you want me to be like the others?

Can't it be me?

I am an aberration, comments my family

You have no love, the voices comment.


The thought wanders

How many times must I dream to be able to escape?

The thought wanders

How long should I wait?

The thought wanders.


I want freedom

I want peace

I want to know how to love

I want to help

I want my dream to achieve.


The thought wanders

Will my life finally end?

Nidia Almendra

But always

But always, always, I must scream

But always, always, I must cry

But always, always, I must wish,

Wish it never happened again.


I wish to pass away.

Wishing not to return.


But always, always, I must seek the light,

But always, always, I find it for others,

But not mine.


But always, always, I must not destroy myself anymore,

But always, always, I don't have the right to be happy,

But always, always, I ask for help, but they don't see me,

Even though I feel lonely, I like to be loved

Although I have miles, miles of stars, I am not in them.


But always, always, I go back to the abyss.

But always, always, I hide from myself.

Nidia Almendra

The Windows

The windows of the heart

I do not have heart,

My selfishness that has enveloped me,

Pursue others.

I am a broken vessel, that nobody

Nobody wants to restore

The pieces are in the trash

Where the wind takes them and never returns.

I don't have a beautiful physique,

I'm not an obedient girl

The window doesn't exist for me

Because I can't find it.

I hate my family,

I hate the world,

Yet I want to save it,

But the damage is permanent

My obfuscation is great, nobody can free me.

Nidia Almendra




And if my pencil would work, I would dedicate my whole life to you,

To see that you did not suffer,

My words are beyond me, I cannot write them.


The bitterness of the writing, for me it is a funeral

From my fingers, since I would end the whole world

Writing my feelings.


From the notes I come, from the music I come,

From the high mountains I see you, like a beautiful bird,

That with a smile the world turns pink.


My love, please continue in my story,

That much crying proposed to, but now they are roses,

Roses that you have planted, I do not want to abandon it.


From my diary, from my pages, from my dreams you have come out

As doves come out, fluttering and showing off

That my ink has been.

Of my video game loves

From my keyboard to sound, a dream call,

A notification has arrived, from my WhatsApp

I have observed you and I have called you to play a good time.


My video game is to pass completely, until it reaches your heart,

My dream is to be able to fall in love as I am,

And not like someone else.


Because I know you're like Minecraft

Magnificent and surprising,

And I am like GeoGebra

Can that be called a video game?

I don't know, but I love it.


You are my favorite video game, with no end and with a beginning

Because you are perfect with all those pixels,

You have made me happy.


My friends now ask me

How did I get you?

But if they only knew that I have no answer

They would already challenge me in a game,

Alone and without the light on.

Nidia Almendra

If you knew

If you knew of the strengths that you show me,

If you knew that I love your smile

If my words were melodies, I would already dedicate you

All that I would find.


If you knew that I like to brush up on French,

To tell you one and a thousand ways "Je t’aime"

That, with five songs, I can write you an essay

Of everything that I love and want you.


If you knew that I am dedicated to studying your favorite country

To take you to the moon and see it from space.


This poem is short, but, from all that I show,

It's all I confess, appreciating you was not an option,

However, my heart blew away.

Nidia Almendra

Show me how beautiful it is to love

Show me your smile when I make you laugh

Show me what makes me dream of your presence,

Open the gaze of your silence, let me love you without remorse.

I love your sweet voice when you talk to me

The ways in which you dedicate your wishes to me,

Whisper your fears to me, leave them to fly far away.

Let's communicate our sadness,

Let's sing while we watch a movie

Let's be one of those rare loves, let them listen

A bit of each generation.

Let's love the flowers, I want you to know that I care about you,

That is why the simplicity of each one is the best,

Let's not say goodbye, better

Let us fall in love from the first day,

Until we grow old.

I prayed for you

I prayed for you

My brothers, my brothers, I want to tell you something,
I met the most beautiful being, I met love for him,
I prayed for him, every night, every meal, every snack,
When I woke up I told the Lord the most beautiful thing in my life.

I prayed for her, he dedicated a thousand songs to her,
He dedicated my bonfires to him, I helped him in the word,
He returned his love to me through his smile,
I praise God for meeting such a creation.

I prayed for life, for our life, that together we had to achieve,
It was not easy, our differences and mistakes were many,
We prayed for each other, we prayed that it would all go away,
Now God gave us the beautiful sight of him, now we pray for our family.


My only hapiness

When you wake up my only happiness was when you were here
I gave you all my garden, but you gave me a single rose,
My only happiness, now it doesn't exist, because it's gone.

No tears fall for you anymore, I no longer fall before your phrases,
The end, the end is that, when you no longer love the worse you feel,
I want to fight for you, but no opportunity is here.

I never knew you, I never got over you,
What was my mistake in this story?
It was to try to love you.

I was never unfaithful to you, I never brought you down,
My only happiness was shown with your smile,
My only happiness came from giving you laughs.

Our light

On the third day of a month in March,
The day of our paradise
The daisies woke up
The flowers were wilting.

Our light is now blue
Our light turned gray
That same day you resigned,
That same day you finished.

Now I see you, with a slow step,
Now I see you being happy with her
Now I feel that I am the shadow,
Now our light doesn't exist.

Our light no longer hurts
Our light no longer awakens
Why do fireflies die so fast?

© 2021 Nidia Almendra

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