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Poets are visual artists who use language as a way of expression. It is our way to identify with the world around us. It is more than just words. The very fabric of our being is to describe what we feel inside.

Writing poetry has always been a gift of mines. I love expressing myself through words. Art is my everything. I love music, fashion and writing. Nothing ever stops my passion. My biggest struggle is finding an audience that really appreciate my poetry.

Being a poet is sometimes hard and difficult. The poem I wrote below highlights my struggle as a poet. I wrote this poem today. It is why I named my poem this title. My hope is that I can receive positive feedback on my work. If you like my poem, please leave your comments in the comment section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Today, I live in wonder

reminiscing over past flaws

and victories

Today is my song

long and well written like

art painted with colors

unique and beautiful

My sunshine illuminates a room

I am one with nature.

My greatest hour is yet unknown

A poet without a class

to teach to

I seek to call poetry a son

and daughter

as bright as the noonday.

Today, I choose happiness

over pain

My heart a beating drum

My veins flowing with creativity

Today, I see more to life than just

existing in the now

I am her who seeks

one who speaks

through words on paper

Do you hear my voice?

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