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To Go Missing

I am a student of English Literature. I love to write.I can write Articles,Stories,Poems etc.

To Go Missing

We have set an endless path,
To live helplessly -
Birds fly and sing as before -
In tune with the unknown language.
The river is still underwater.
Carries the old tradition.
Sadness is still lifelong.
Like falling leaves.
The ice of the heart melts, in the river of the eyes-
Repeatedly brings floods.
Yet, love comes quickly, it falls in love, at the end it goes away, the tomb of love happens in diprressed mind.
The petals of the sky fly away,
Like waterless dry cotton!
There is a lack of water, dripping and drawing pictures.
Yet out of reach I am alone, walking -
Hoping to get, the happiness of winning the goal.

© 2020 Moshiur Rahman Nishan

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