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I'm sitting with a Black Diary

I am a student of English Literature.I love to write Articles,Stories,Poems etc.

I'm sitting with a Black Diary

In the unusual darkness, I'm sitting with a Black Diary .
Every page of the diary contains black memories of childhood and adulthood.
If the blow of the hammer had not been in the vicinity of the skull,
But, I did not know, the pages of the diary are slowly containing the old age!
The abstract line of sadness is painted in the margins of the diary.
Being painted in black, ink like dead blood,
Small stanzas and question marks!
Each letter is bent under the weight of writing.
The dull page number reminds me of the time to leave and teaches the technique of going to the destination.
A new journey begins, on a new page!
However, the old ink and pen remain.
The page is full of writing, scattered in black all around, covered in black cover-Black Diary.

© 2020 Moshiur Rahman Nishan

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