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The Journey of Time

I am a students of English Literatur. I love to write Articles,Stories,Poems etc.


The Journey of Time

On the way, the time came to a halt.
Plowed bare soil field,
In the fall of winter leaves,
Silently on soft feet-
When the time came, he stopped.
In the new twisted betel bud,
Guava eaten by birds,
With the increase in births and deaths-
When the time came, he stopped.
A piece of myrrh, heaven,
The mother of the lonely dead unfortunate heaven-
And in his limitless endurance,
Singing one sided love song -
When the time came, he stopped.
Bevor's boyfriend with a lover's smile,
Only, to get a pinch of love-
Who sacrifices himself day after day,
At the end of the day, in that uncertain love -
With a book of frustration,
When the time came, he stopped.
Destinationless time, wandering in your mind-
And suddenly it stopped -
Dumb finger!

© 2020 Moshiur Rahman Nishan

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