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I am a student of English Literature. I love to write.I can write Articles,Stories,Poems etc.

My Feelings

I'm fine, very good
I'm fine, very good ..
Still, the wind is blowing upside down!
Happiness turns her face away and is anxious.
Lightning Bugs also turn off the lights and fall asleep.
Thoughts are engrossed in the desire to travel far and wide.
I understand myself.
I'm fine, very good ..
Stability has taken away the ability to walk,
I am standing still, facing the half moon.
No stars have fallen,
Didn't hear my request.
In the middle of hundreds of buildings, I said I'm fine.
Come out no sound!
There is no echo.
I spread it in the dark,
I'm fine, very good.
It mingled in the darkness, I was left alone in black.

© 2020 Moshiur Rahman Nishan

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