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Poem to Become a Happy Man


I believe that a mind is a powerful tool a human has and one should sharpen it by constant use.

Free Man

Free Man

What is Life?

Life is mysterious

Don't be delirious

Yes, there is a pattern

Born, live and die

But don't look at this

Life is not math with a specific answer

It's Science which is waiting for u to explore

Enjoy all good things and live to the fullest every second

"Why am I here?"

"My existence is unclear"

Says a man who is wandering!

Hey dude! That's life

Never search for it, alright!

Just go with the flow and live with it

Don't mind the end

Worry if you have done meaningful things in the present

"What should I do?"

"I don't know what's meaningful"

Says again the wandering man

Hey! Dude, stop with the query.

Start doing all possibilities

Life is again Science

Trial and error experimentation

Your life will be truly waste

If you are just confined

In your own and secluded world.

Go out and soar your wings

You will never be a wandering man

I will you call by then "Happy Free man"

© 2020 Bambe


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 03, 2020:

Life is full of trial & error. I guess that's how we learn.

But sometimes being secluded in one's own little world is a welcome relief.

Jishnu on August 28, 2020:


Bambe (author) from Philippines on August 25, 2020:

I agree, Jason. Your words reminded me of the third law of Newton; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Jason Nicolosi from AZ on August 24, 2020:

Excellent poem Bambe. Wonderful written. You get what you put into life. We can be or do anything if the motivation is there. I believe life is all about bettering our selves. Life is what you make it to be, so make it a good one.

Bambe (author) from Philippines on August 12, 2020:

@Dora- My soul was happy to hear that, to be connected. I'm glad from all humble appreciations.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 12, 2020:

Interesting and motivating! "Life is not math . . . It's Science." You totally convince me.

Prithviraj Shirole from India on August 08, 2020:

A very inspiring poem. Life is like a roller coaster ride, we should enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

Danny from India on August 07, 2020:

Rhythmic poem Bambe. Very engrossing!

Upen on August 07, 2020:

What a meaningful poem Sophi

Really Life is full of ups and downs

But point is how we make it Happy and beautiful.

Keep it up

Vikkie on August 07, 2020:

True fact friend..

Bambe (author) from Philippines on August 07, 2020:

@Lorna,..Ah, It's always nice to hear from you.

Bambe (author) from Philippines on August 07, 2020:

@B ..I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for reading this.

Satya on August 07, 2020:

Hopefully I will become a happy man soon. Thank you Sophie.


Lorna Lamon on August 07, 2020:

Life is certainly what you make it. An uplifting and optimistic poem Bambe.

Hoopyloopy on August 07, 2020:

Really enjoyed this

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