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Poem on Secrets

Anupam is a language trainer and a poet. She has been writing poems, stories and articles since her childhood.She loves to learn new things.


Shall We Share Our Secrets?

Shall we share those secrets with others

Ending the enigma of esoteric episodes

Confessing the concealed connections?

Reporting the reserved results or recoveries,

Emitting the earnest interest and engagements

To the intimate partner or the transient travellers

Soothes the sentiments of a soul with secrets.

Shall we Know Others' Secrets?

Surrounded by so many secrets around us

Engaged in the enchanting world of errors

Can we comprehend the complicated cosmos?

Racing against the reserved set of records

Enjoying the experience of earned expressions

Toiling to try the exploration of more treasures

Some souls sacrifice their scored possessions.

Why does One have a Secret?

Soaring high in the sky of life

Every entity earns experience,

Carefully concealing that in the core.

Right or wrong every reaction has a reason,

Either entangled in enmity or in other emotion,

There is a thread that ties every truth in unison,

Even though one tries to hide it in evolution.

Who shares the secrets?

Sharing secrets with stranger or friends

Every individual eases off the inner encumber.

Conserving the cherished and cursed capitals,

Rich or rustic of any race, region or religion

Entertains oneself by exposing the emotions

Tranquilising the transient temperamental trims.

The Interesting Secret of Secrets.

Secrets wish to be concealed and locked in the doors

Enamoured by the envious world of enemies,

Calling for the ones with complete confidence,

Requesting to respect its concealed recognition.

Each secret has its own set of exclusive expression

That can be treasured by the trustee of the talisman.


© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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