Poem of Unconventional Passions

Updated on July 3, 2018
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I wrote this after experiencing a rather vivid dream of two individuals whom temporarily became my reality.

It's his smile that opens me up like a fresh wound filled with salt. His voice commands

me, and I relish in his lustful punishment. My body aches for his discipline. Like a starving wolf, I hunger for just a taste. To devour all of what presents to me is a constant truth, and I wish to bathe in it. I know this has been a forbidden, but the fruit

contains a sweetness so addictive. I admit to myself that what I yearn is unhealthy, and holds no promise to prosper. Yet, that hope is lingering in the distance, and stalks my fears at a slow pace.

The ecstasy that fills me when I fantasize about him raping my very essence, and I happily yield to his dominant nature. He sedates me with authority. He caresses me with lustful intent. Animalistic, he tears me apart with his gaze. I'm a fool for the unspoken lies. I don't seek out truth to for self protection. Deep down, I know what blinds my logic. Choosing to remain within the disastrous loop I've adjusted to. I'm consumed with him. Fire flows freely throughout my veins from a mere whisper, and the burn is sweet. It soothes my wild I constantly fight to keep at bay.

Why do I love what I know will never be? False hope actively present in my fantasies. I smile at past memories of secret passions that endanger my world. Failing to convince myself to let go, and walk away. I couldn't fathom the possibility. How can I?

I am his puppet at the very least. A filler between ten and now, and nothing forevermore. Deprived of misplaced dreams. Only solidifying this buried obsession I carry. I crave truly, but dismiss the relevancy. To be content, and yet still starving with insatiable hunger for his prowess.

I can still smell his intoxicating scent. Just a small morsel is all I require for my daily dose. Another failure of attempt at filling the empty hole that has burrowed it's way into my soul. My eyes wide open with new site! Embracing pain with open arms. It's the only feeling left that reminds me of the living. A numbness riddles my heart. Sadness clouds my thoughts. I've all but forgotten what happiness entails. Forcibly held in place by his savagery. The drive to combat against his will wilted like a dying rose clinging to life. Full of the awareness, and cling to the shame like a clutch.

I yield to his assault of passion as he deeply penetrates my hidden secrets. Afraid of the impending inflicted pain, but I relish in desire of being owned. Troubled ny the excitement newly discovered. Infatuated with inflicted punishment, yet disgusted with my unfavorable truth. Embrace his silence and commands, as I bask in its power. His mere presence stifles the sickness I allow to swallow my pleasure. Shivering as his eyes undress my secrets untold. Abiding his wishes whether good or ill intent. Devour from our deed excitement should not be.

The ache that leaves me riddled feverish in burden. I request nor require mercy or pity. As he beckons, I willingly submit. Then we add the element of her! Sweet beauty that steals the soul with a simple smile. Authoritative yet fragile. Hypnotizing can't begin to define what the world rarely glimpses. Delicate by nature, but those eyes hold and bind you until an uncharted white water river forms. She is the ocean. The cool against your skin on a hot summer afternoon. Sunrise is swallowed by her midnight. Confusion void of fester.

Next to her I wither like a sickly flower. I am like the forgotten ghost that drifts unnoticed. Outshined, the dying star falls with dignity. faded into lonely nothingness, it rots with false life. It aches in the soured core of a lovely ray of forever perfect. Undoubtedly, all is most worth it. Trace her passions flowing swiftly sweetened. Wrap your woes in her warmth, and release your purge of the cold. Live your dance to the ticking that's life, a melody. Clustered amongst the pearls of satin and grace.

No chance of return if you have grown to wander. Leave in place the stepping stones. Gauge the flight of desperation and coast along the sands of all her yearnings. All that she's not, leaving you with more. Boundaries crusted with delusion. Let the wind carry the scent of her purity. Impaired by the poison but she is the final cure. Jump the curb of morbid, and drown in the sobriety of the boundless!

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    © 2018 Alisha Shinn


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