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Poem of Thanksgiving


Dani is a Christian, homemaker, and home chef who has survived an overdose, and is diagnosed with BPD, Bipolar, and Hypersomnia.

Give Thanks

Give Thanks


Family and Thanks,

Giving and love,

That’s what family’s about.

Aunts and Uncles,

Adults and children,

All gathering together united as one.

Cranberries and vodka,

Shots all around,

That’s what family’s all about.

Mashed potatoes and flowing gravy,

Pecan Pie to eat,

All gathering together as one to meet.

Drunk and merry,

All gathered together,

Sharing in the holiday spirits.

No turkey’s killed here on this very day,

All love and God’s people,

All gathering about.

Pictures are taken,

Family and friends are near and dear,

All gathered together as one.

So come join together in celebration,

Of giving and thanks,

Love and peace.

Click, the snap of a camera, to cement this glorious day of togetherness and family.


Dani Moore (author) from Illinois on December 04, 2019:

@Adam thank you so much!

Adam Mason from Melbourne, Australia on November 23, 2019:

Hey Dani, Loved the poem, thats what truly matters in life

Keep going, God has you alive for a reason :D

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