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Poem of Pain

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Bay leaves and Mint sure make a good combination!

Bay leaves and mint give tidings to love
For they love while staring at a gleam
A sunset.
The shore of which awaits its shimmer
Heavy and untold

A silent threat

With passing time, mint scowls and leaves at the bay...
A hefty debt
And time it is for coming back
Truly, the Bay is bound

With no minaret

Orange and gold become a dove
And no love exists to stare at the gleam
The sunset.
The shore awaited calmly for the truth
Beauty laced with poison
Thus, only a broken duet.

But wait! It holds true to its power
The silence of sun
As it sets.
Welcomes a new rise

Of moon and chapter new
And the night shall make you forget.

Promises old and promises new
Mint promise to you
Bay leaves will abet
In love and to shore

With Sunset gone
They transform to an asset.


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