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A Tribute to Nature

Lora has been a featured writer in poetry publications. She is currently working on a collection of poems inspired by nature.


Poem For A Little Deer

He was born on a warm Spring day in April,

the flowers were just starting to bloom;

the air was filled with a sweet scent,

the birds in a chorus sang

as if to herald a precious event.

Winter was now a forgotten dream

and it’s blanket of white

had melted way,

to uncover the soft

new growth of green…

and down from the sky

came a golden ray

which warmed the ground

where the little fawn lay

against the warmth of his mother.

He was soft-eyed and brown

with little spots of white

and when he tried to stand up

he wobbled and fell,

but his mother was soon there-

everything was now alright.

How beautiful he was,

the animals appeared to say...

they stopped in their tracks midway;

the leaves seemed to nod in assent

as they would sway.

All the animals

hoped that his mother would always be there

to care for this gentle fawn so fair;

whenever she would stir,

he would frantically look for her...

but when she was in sight

they would soon reunite;

she would gently muzzle

the little dear as he would cuddle-

everything was again alright.

He loved this place-

the gentle breeze,

the smell of the pines trees,

their “resiny” sap,

the feel of the tender grass underneath

his hooves...

and the feel of the warm sun on his back.

When his mother was near,

the little dear could be seen

exploring the forest

where life abound;

his ears keen

to listen to all the sounds.

He would run

with all of his might;

he was swift

as the wind!

How he loved the gift

of life.

- Lora Hollings

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